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Новости компаний, пресс- и пост-релизы
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Новости компаний, пресс- и пост-релизы
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Новости компаний, пресс- и пост-релизы
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Новости компаний, пресс- и пост-релизы
Новости компаний, пресс- и пост-релизы

FOR MEN Hammer of Thor (2)

If signs of impotence do not hesitate to contact the doctor. He will be interested in General health, examine information about past or recent diseases and medications that you take. The doctor may ask about mental problems because they can also be associated with an erection disorder. The examination may also include a description of your sex life, and in some cases – a conversation with a partner. Pay attention to the drops of "Hammer of Thor".

The survey includes inspection of the genital and rectal (or inspection of the prostate gland). The doctor will ask about other symptoms, which, like impotence, may be a sign of other diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis or high blood pressure.

One of the main research methods is the analysis of blood. During this test, the doctor will check the level of testosterone (male sex hormone) and prolactin. The values of these substances, which differ from the norm, may indicate a disorder of the internal glands.

Specialist the patient may need to undergo special surveys, including the so-called test strip (eng.: snap-gauge). It is a simple and painless test that determines whether a patient is capable of an erection at night. Before going to bed, the man attaches paper strips around the penis. If upon waking, you find that some strips of torn (due to erection), it indicates that the person is able to have an erection, and the causes of his problems, most likely, have a mental origin.

The following study is an index of the pressure. This method compares blood pressure in the penis and on the arm. Differences between the indicators will help the doctor to determine whether there is sufficient blood supply to the penis.

The following research – dynamic infusion cavernosometry and cavernosography (DICC). This is a somewhat more complex method. After the introduction of the drug, the patient has an erection. Then the pressure index, blood density of the penis, ultrasound examination of arteries and x-ray of the penis in the excited state are determined. This method is mainly used in young men with pelvic and penile injuries, which often cause vascular impotence.

Effective treatment metol can be psychotherapy, aimed at teaching how to handle crisis situations when sexual failure brings with it fears of further collapse. This therapy will help to get rid of unpleasant feelings and find suitable sexual behavior.

The use of injections is a popular method in patients with impotence. After the introduction of the active substance immediately getting a hard-on persistent 30-90 minutes. However, keep in mind that this method also includes some contraindications.

Website: http://hammer-thor.com/ Thor's hammer drops!

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